Levite Genes

By Kathie Hill
(45 Minutes)

Try this creative lesson in church music history on for size! Levite Genes is an easy-to-perform musical that will not only lead your children to an understanding of the privilege involved in leading worship and praise but will also explain the need for a personal desire to worship our Lord.

Ages: 1st grade and up with several songs easy enough for preschoolers.
Speaking parts: minimum of 7 with 3 optional adult parts and up to 60 non character lines
Solos: minimum of 20
Set: sanctuary or choir loft
Costumes: church clothes and optional character costumes

This was my first musical that I put on written by KHill. Her guidance, ideas on staging, dancing and movement make it very do-able for any director. The songs, catchy melodies, message and great words make it an A+ musical. I highly recommend this one if you have a limited budget, space and/or experience. It sends a wonderful message and will be loved by all!
Cheryl Rolf, St. Paul's Lutheran School, Wenatchee, WA

This Kathie Hill musical was very educational as far as biblical history and of course, great music and fun to perform!
Kathleen Norquist, Wheeling, IL

Kathie’s Note: To teach kids to lead in praise and worship, I wanted them to understand who the first worship leaders were. This musical not only introduces Old Testament information on the Levites, but through great arrangements of “Holy, Holy, Holy,” “Worthy of Worship” and “He is Good” helps them learn of God’s attributes and the reasons WHY we praise God. Levite Genes works both as a musical with drama or a great praise and worship concert using just the songs and introductory scriptures.

Titles include:

  • Holy, Holy, Holy
  • Give Thanks to the Lord
  • Play Our Praise
  • He Is Good
  • I’ll Boast about Jesus
  • Worthy of Worship
  • Praise Medley (What a Wonderful Lord/My God Is Mighty/Bless the Lord, My Soul/Prince of Peace/With Every Breath/What a Wonderful Lord)
  • Levite Genes

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Accompaniment CD - Levite Genes

Accompaniment CD - Levite Genes

Jewel cased CD with spilt left channel instrumentation/right channel choral vocals and stereo instrumentation only. (No dialogue or solos.). Limited supply.
Compact Disc $89.95