Why is my download taking so long?

Since 2007 Kathie Hill Music has been providing digital download products. Much has changed since we began providing digital files for download and we have continued to expand the number of digital downloads we offer.

Downloading digital files from our webstore is a fairly simple process, but here’s some tips for those of you who may be downloading your first digital product, or who may be experiencing difficulties downloading or accessing a downloaded file.

Download Speed
We monitor the experience our users have downloading files from the webstore. Usually we know if there’s an issue with our server pretty quickly because it affects every customer and we typically jump on the issues to get them resolved.

Please note that these digital files can be large so what may feel like a download problem or issue may simply be that you are downloading a larger file than you are used to downloading.

We’ve found that isolated download issues often relate to your own internet speed, an antivirus program, or programs, scanning files, or users trying to open the file while it’s still downloading.

  • Choral books, Singer’s Books, Director’s books, etc are usually a reasonable size.
  • Digital musical CDs and digital accompaniment CD trax are larger files and, depending on your internet connection, may take some time to download.
  • Video files are very large and will take a considerable amount of time regardless of your connection speed.

To troubleshoot, begin by checking your internet speed and verifying the size of your file.

In the example above, the File Size for the Singer's Book for A Band of Shepherds is 3.5 MB. Here’s how long it should take to download such a file at 80MB/s: Here's a link to a handy download calculator if you want to calculate your download times for yourself.

Additionally, many residential internet accounts utilize what’s known as burst technology to speed up small downloads, but the larger downloads will be subject to a slower download speed. Check with your internet service provider or IT department to verify your download speed profile.

You can check your download speed online at https://www.fast.com or https://www.speedtest.net and here’s a link to a download calculator ( https://www.download-time.com/ ) where you can check your speed and calculate an estimated download time for the size of your purchased file.

Other factors can cause download delays like one or more antivirus programs running (because they scan the files as they are downloaded and depending on the size of your purchased file and the available memory in your computer a delay can result if the antivirus program scanning profile tries to scan the entire file before downloading or saving it to your computer. Check with your antivirus or security program provider to verify if this may be an issue with your purchased file.

Why am I not getting the new password I requested?
Passwords arrive in 30 seconds but your firewall may divert them to your Spam or Junk folder. Grab the most recent email response from there, copy & paste that password to open your account then immediately update it to the password you use for most everything. (Our site never sees your credit card info as that is handled securely through PayPal.)
Do I have to create a PAYPAL account to pay with a credit card?
No. Our credit card transactions are processed securely through Paypal - we never see your information - and don't want to! You DO NOT have to create a Paypal account or use a Paypal account you already have. Just choose to PAY WITH DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD.
How do I print my paid invoice?
Log in to kathiehillmusic.com with your email address and account password you created. Click MY ACCOUNT in the upper right homepage corner.
Click VIEW box to the right of your order on the MY ACCOUNT INFORMATION page, then print your invoice.
What is a Choral Book, a Director's Aide and Video, or an Accompaniment CD? How do I know what I am ordering? Do you have descriptions of all your products listed?
Complete descriptions of all products is on the PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS page:
  1. a link to the product descriptions appears to the left under INFORMATION on each page of the website
  2. On the Product Description page, products are listed by title under different categories. Look for the category (ie, Kathie Hill Classics) or look for the title of the musical within the categories (ie, "Christmas in Reverse is under Kathie Hill/Word Musicals)
  3. Then look for the product name (ie, "choral book") in that category
Click here to check out the Product Description Page right now!
What product/s do most people order to do a musical?
Here is what directors purchase in order of importance to them starting with the most popular/necessary products.

CD Accompaniment Trax (for rehearsals and performance)
Listening CD - to play song a demonstration for the kids, to learn the music themselves, to keep in their historical files for future use/reference
Choral Book - To learn and teach the music and for production ideas & rehearsal helps
Bulk CDs - To distribute to teachers, speakers & soloists or to all kids
Choral Books - multiple books for teachers, speakers, soloists &/or all kids
Performance DVD &/or Instructional/Movement DVD - for director, choreographer, set/costume coordinator to provide ideas for motions, dance numbers, sets costumes and demonstration video to show the kids an, for some musicals, to use in the performance
DAV or Dovetailor pages PDF - this download has all kinds of organization helps, lesson plans, activities and promotional helps - some come with a free Activity CD referenced in the lesson plans

For more details on these resources see Product Descriptions: http://www.kathiehillmusic.com/index.php?main_page=conditions
If I order digital product in PDF, MP3 or WMV format, will I receive it by email or how can I download it?
Digital product is not delivered by email, but can be downloaded as soon as your payment has processed. If you paid online and the payment was successful, your download link will appear on your order confirmation page like this:

If you need more help, review the following simple steps:

  1. Click the link that appears beside the heading ORDER DETAILS in your order confirmation email or return to the Kathie Hill Music eStore (kathiehillmusic.com)
  2. LOG IN using the email address and password with which you set up your account. If you have forgotten your password, click the FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD link that appears immediately below the log in area and a new password will be emailed to you immediately upon request. (NOTE: You must use the same email address you used with your order/when you signed up for your account. If you no longer have access to that email address and therefore cannot receive your new password, CONTACT us.)
  3. Click MY ACCOUNT in the green bar at the top of the home page.
  4. In the Previous Orders area select the order which includes your digital product by clicking the VIEW button to its right.
  5. Locate the downloadable product section and click the orange DOWNLOAD NOW button. If you see a message stating that your download has expired see the next FAQ below.
  6. If prompted, do not choose to open the file/s, but SAVE them to your hard drive in a location where you can easily find them and labeled as the product name or Kathie Hill Music.
  7. Once your download has completed you can open or unzip the file (you should simply be able to locate the file and right-click for PCs or control-click for Macs and choose an option that offers to un-compress or unzip the file) from the location where it was saved.
  8. Print your files based on the number of paid licenses purchased (ie, 3 copies for choral books or vocal charts, 5 copies for Rhythm Charts, etc.) Should you need to print or make additional photo copies you must return to KathieHillMusic.com and purchase the necessary licenses (3 licenses for 9 copies, 5 licenses for 15 copies, etc.) Only your integrity regarding this issue will allow us to continue providing the convenience and savings available through the digital downloads.

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What if I can’t download my files?
Your download is available to you for 7 days and 7 attempts. We recommend you use the Save as option in your browser (Right-click on link on PC and Ctrl-click on MAC for submenu) to save a permanent copy to a safe location. If your link has expired CONTACT US by phone or email and we will reactivate your download/s for 7 additional days and 7 more attempts. If you have difficulty on one computer, try downloading from another computer before contacting us.
What if I lose or accidentally delete my file/s?
Like physical product that is lost or broken, we cannot replace digital files without payment. Simply reorder the product/s and repeat the download process.
Why can't I find a Preview Pak for most of your musicals?
Books for all of our musicals are print on demand. This means we keep a limited inventory and the cost of the books does not allow us to include them in preview paks. To compensate most of our musicals & collections offer a $3.99 Preview CD listed as "(1 per customer.) This sleeved CD contains the full musical, songs & dialogue so you can listen to the full musical. These are restricted to one CD per title per customer.

In the case of the “mixed” products like the Kathie Hill Classics and the WAM! 4 Kids releases, the books are available digitally, so we have no physical books to include in a preview pak. If there is not a downloadable MP3 of the work, a $3.99 Preview CD is offered and there will be a PDF of the book/music which you can download immediately.
Can I order products over the phone?
We’ll be glad to answer questions not covered in our FAQ by phone, but all orders must be placed online through the KathieHillMusic.com web store. This provides us with an electronic record of your order for shipping/download purposes & royalty payment to our writers and provides you a detailed list of your orders under your ACCOUNT information as well as access to any digital products you purchase. More importantly, it provides online financial security as we have no verbal or written record of your credit card information.
  1. When you order online you have the benefit of: having no one (including us) know your credit information except Paypal, which processes your Visa, MasterCard or Paypal account info
  2. having a permanent account which allows you to place orders without re-entering all your shipping information
  3. having a record of your orders that we can pull up immediately to answer any questions you might have
  4. allowing us to have better records for paying our royalties, taxes, etc.

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Does all product ship directly from Kathie Hill Music?
All product will ship directly from KHM via USPS unless we are low in stock on one or more of your items. To ensure fastest delivery, we wil have those items drop shipped from the original distributor via UPS.
Can you track a package we have not received?
We can confirm the delivery of all Priority Mail shipments and send a USPS tracking number for all Express shipments. For quesitons on drop shipped product contact us and we will provide a UPS tracking number from the distributor who shipped that product.
What do I do if I'm having difficulty shopping online?
You can contact us directly with your questions using information on our Contact Us page.

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Can I pay by check?

Online ordering provides the fastest shipping and online records, but we do provide a pay by check option at checkout.

During checkout, choose the pay by check option and complete the checkout process. Once you receive the order confirmation by email, print that confirmation out and mail it along with a check for the appropriate amount to:

Kathie Hill Music
208 Buffalo Run
Goodlettsville, TN 37072

NOTE: Pay-by-check orders will not be shipped until your check is received by Kathie Hill Music.

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Is sales tax added to my purchase?

Our store automatically charges Tennessee residents sales tax on all orders, but the TN TAX is refunded through Paypal on all credit card orders. TN Residents paying by check or money order can deduct the sales tax from their product total.

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What advantage is there in ordering from Kathie Hill Music?
KHM warehouses only KHM product and on site. That means that we can process and ship your order quickly, often on the same day it is received. Orders on older products may require a drop shipment from that publisher, but we can always give you the most accurate information on product descriptions & availability.

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Do you have a choral club or way to receive product samples for an annual fee?
Our goal is not to have a new musical, collection or product every quarter, but to provide you with the best, most innovative product. Also, because much of our new product is digital you will achieve greater savings by purchasing downloads to preview music than through the traditional choral club or preview pack.
Can I use my Word Choral Club member number for a discount on products?
As Kathie Hill Music is no longer exclusively distributed through Word Music we cannot offer discounts to their choral club members.
Where can I get a coupon code for that entry on my order?
Coupon codes are often included our email blasts. To receive those, make sure you subscribe to our email list here: www.kathiehillmusic.com/emailSubscribe.html

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What is a licensed digital download?
There is no manufactured product to ship. Instead you can immediately download the master files to your computer (PDFs to print, MP3s to burn to CD or play from an iPod or computer, or video (WMVs) to burn to a data DVD or play from your computer) and, using instructions provided, make copies equal to the number of licenses you purchased. Upon process of payment, log into your KathieHillMusic.com, go to MY ACCOUNT-ORDERS and download your masters. Because of the size of some files a broadband connection is recommended. Face plates and sequence inserts are provided.

NOTE: Your honesty in making copies equal to your paid licenses will dictate whether we can continue this service.

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Is it legal to copy music?

It is illegal to photocopy printed music or duplicate recorded music or video without permission of the publisher and paying the specified royalty. It is also illegal to make more copies of digital music than you have a paid license to make.

If music is still in print, the simplest thing to do is to purchase more copies of it. If you need extra copies of individual songs for music that is out of print, you will need to contact the publisher who may let you make copies for a fee of (approximately) $.75-1.25 per song/per copy with minimum license fees of $15-20. To copy an entire book or musical the fee is approximately $5.00 per copy.

Send written requests online or by fax to:

Licensing Agents for Music/Musicals:

For Christmas in Reverse, Donkey Tales, Dr. Newheart’s Neck-Up Check-Up, Esther-Ordinary Faith, Fish Tales, Good News from a Grave, Holy Moses!, Operation Christmas Child ,Promise U, The Christmas S.O.C.C.E.R. Team & The MK Christmas Special
Music Services
Phone: 615-371-9260
Fax: 615-371-1351
E-mail: word@musicservices.org

For Angels Aware and The Perfect Ten

Jeremy Stockwell
Gaither Copyright Management

For Amerikids, Christmas in Egypt, Go, Go, Jonah, Hans Bronson’s Gold Medal Mission, Levite Genes, Nic at Night, The Christmas Family Tree, The Don’t Be Afraid Brigade

www.lifeway.com/PermissionsRequest and choose the option, "to use or publish music in the U.S." Fax: 615.277-8110

For Back at the Creekbank, Copycats of the King, Dr. Newheart's Christmas Cure, Famous Kids of the Bible, The One & Only Original Christmas Factory, Wise Guys and Starry Skies, We Like Sheep

EMI Music Services
kim@musicservices.org Phone: 615-371-1320
FAX Requests: 615-371-1351
or submit requests online www.musicservices.org


For Preschool Praise'ntations, Tiny Tots & Tunes, Tri-Song Samplers or WAM! 4 Kids

Contact us by email

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Can I copy or project the words only?
The lyrics and/or script to all music are also copyrighted material. Copies: If you have purchased choral books/music for your choir, you may make an equal number of words-only copies for your children for convenience use only. For example, if you want to make the words only copies for the kids to take home to learn the musical, instead of having them take the books home, that is permissible. The number of words-only copies must equal the number of books you have purchased,may not be used to further the number of copies of the musical.

Projection: You will need permission and a paid license from the publisher to reproduce the words in any form, and such permission may carry a fee (from $15 - 20 per song for up to 500 viewers). If you have a CCLI license it does not extend to music prepared for non-congregational performance, including children's musicals. Under the CCLI license, handouts and overheads can only be prepared for congregational singing.

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Is it legal to transfer music to overheads, flipcharts, posters, presentation software or slides?
Again, CCLI does not cover use of overheads, but you can pay a fee of approximately $20 per individual song or $150 for all songs in a musical or collection. Those fees are also paid to the individual licensing agent (listed above) or WAM! 4 Kids songs, Tri Song Samplers, Preschool Praise'ntations songs and Songs & Chants for Antsy Pants songs, contact info@kathiehillmusic.com and you to be invoiced for these fees. (For more information, see www.CCLI.com.)

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Can I copy the cassettes and CDs?
Bulk CDs are available for most Kathie Hill musicalssold in packs at reduced prices. If you want to make your own CDs, you must (you guessed it) obtain permission from the publisher who will probably charge a minimum license rate of $18.20 depending on the number of units requested.

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Is it legal to make videos of our production?
The copyright law prohibits copying songs on videotapes and other recording devices without permission, even for copying at special functions. However, if you want to create such recordings for your church library, shut-ins, etc., a CCLI should cover such activity at or by your church. (For more information, see www.CCLI.com.) If you want to distribute multiple copies (for profit, at cost, or for free), you will need to contact the publisher of the musical for synchronization licensing information.

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What if we want to sell tickets to our performance?
If a musical is being performed outside the context of a regular church service, particularly if the performance is given in exchange for a ticket (including donations at the door), a performance license may be needed. The royalty for the license is reasonable, and the amount varies based on conditions such as how many performances will be given, the ticket price, how many people the venue seats, whether it's a dinner theatre environment, how much was spent on the books, recordings, and accompaniment product, etc.

For more information or to obtain a performance license, please contact us at KathieHillMusic.com.

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How about reproducing the artwork or logos?
Any of the artwork pertinent to the music which appears in the choral book, DAV or on websites is reproducible for tee shirts, bulletins, programs, etc. However, you cannot sell the tee shirts or other items that you create with the logo. Also, as a courtesy, please only use the clip art included when you perform a Kathie Hill musical in it's original form. If you are creating your own script or using portions of other musicals, please create your own clip art also.

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Can I loan music to other churches/schools?
There is no law that prohibits the lending of music, but my experience is that the music never comes back in the same shape it was lent, and sometimes it never comes back at all! If you choose musicals that have great songs that can be used by themselves, you will be building a library of quality children's repertoire that you should be able to pull from time and again.

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Do you have performance videos of your musicals?

A Performance Video is a full production of the musical by a children’s choir. That will be a listed product, in VHS or DVD format.

A Demonstration Video is an "Instructional Video" is included in the DAV for each musical from Kathie Hill Music with others choreography videos available separately from other publishers. These videos show you, not only the set, props and costumes, but also include a brief description of how they are made. There are close-up demonstrations of small group, large group and individual choreography for most of the songs in the musicals and in several instances, the Instructional Videos in the DAV includes video footage or images you can use in your performance. However, there are not full performance videos available unless they have been sent tome by churches who have performed a particular musical.

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How do I create an accompaniment CD from my downloaded BIN/CUE files??
Refer to the READ-ME.txt file included with your downloaded ZIP file as outlined in the video only tutorial below. YOU MUST USE a CD burning software that can burn a CD from BIN/CUE file image. For Windows we recommend ImgBurn and for Apple we recommend Burn — both are free software packages.

1. Not unzipping the ZIP file - Windows users, simply double clicking on the downloaded ZIP file will usually only provide you a "glance" inside the zipped file. Instead, right-click on the downloaded file and select the option to unzip or extract the file and follow the prompts.
2. Sometimes, downloading large files on Window's computers using one or more antivirus programs can cause the large downloaded files to be corrupt. If you are having trouble with a downloaded file, you may want to temporarily disable the antivirus scan of files as they are downloaded, download a copy of your file, then re-enable the antivirus setting.
3. Attempting to burn the CD image to a DVD - they are two very different formats and a blank CD disc is REQUIRED.
4. Attempting to burn the contents of the downloaded file to the disc instead of using the .CUE image and a dedicated audio image burning software to burn the physical CD.

NOTE: You will be selecting the .cue file included in your unzipped file structure to burn your physical CD. Do not attempt to burn the ZIP file or the contents of the zip file to the disc. You have to use the .cue file to tell ImgBurn or Burn what data (from the .bin file) to use to generate your physical CD.

Windows Help
Detailed instructions for Windows using ImgBurn - Select the Write image file to disc option.
Detailed YouTube tutorial on using ImgBurn to burn an image file to disk. NOTE: The source file in the video is an .iso file, but you will be selecting the .CUE file in the appropriate folder of your unzipped download.

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