Teaching Kids to Sing Videos (1-19)

Kathie created these practical and fun "Teaching Kids to Sing" videos to provide great audio/visual illustrations which will encourage your kids to sing with confidence and a better understanding of their vocal instrument.

Length: 3 - 5 minutes each

TKTS #1 - Teaching Kids to Open Their Mouths(2:36)

A rubber band & "vowel-face" poster help kids see and feel the correct mouth shapes for the five singing vowels, Ah, Eh, Ee, Oh & Ooh.

TKTS #2 - Vocal Exploration Part 1 (3:27)

Kids explore their head voices by vocalizing the highs and lows of a changing roller coaster ride.

TKTS #3 - Proper Vowel Sounds - (3:36)

Illustrate the five singing vowels (Ah, Eh, Ee, Oh & Oo) with inter-active posters and hand shapes.

TKTS #4 - Imitation - (3:11)

Kathie uses everyday things like Bob and his ball to help kids explore their voices.

TKTS #5 - Vocal Exploration Part 2 - (1:50)

Ivory gets equal time as Kathie uses How Much is That Doggie in the Window to explore singing like a baby, a rich lady, and rock star!

TKTS #6 - Open Up for Volume While Singing - (3:37)

A megaphone, Mr. Tennis Ball and the Big-Mouthed Frog story effectively illustrate and emphasize how to create vocal volume

TKTS #7 - Breathing for Volume - (4:42)

Kathie explains the diaphragm and emphasizes by breathing with a balloon and panting in a fun breathing game.

TKTS #8 - Warming Up for Volume - (4:26)

Warm up with singing How Cool Am I? and vocalizing a basketball shot or diving board for fun vocal exercises.

TKTS #9 - Help for Uncertain Singers - (5:30)

Help kids hear their own voices singing into an open milk jug, plastic tube or by placing chairs in a horseshoe.

TKTS #10 - Proper Vocal Ranges for Kids - (4:19)

Kathie emphasizes the vocal range of different ages with step bells and choosing music within their range.

TKTS #11 - Helping Kids Understand Head Voice - (3:24)

Use a Lone Ranger mask to illustrate how and why kids should sing in their head voice.

TKTS #12 - Teaching How to Sing from Head Voice - (4:13)

A "mouth" on the forehead, the woofer & tweeter analogy and a mirror are all used to illustrate singing in the head voice.

TKTS #13 - Singing With a Microphone - (4:55)

Kathie uses "Mr. Microphone" to illustrate how to use a hand held or stand mic to increase vocal sound.

TKTS #14 - Vocal Warm Ups for Kids - (4:02)

Lead kids in fun vocal warm-ups like humming a bee, singing a roller-coaster, Mama Made Me Mash My M & Ms and How Cool Am I?

TKTS #15 - Discovering Your Articulators - (4:59)

Kathie defines the lips, teeth and tongue as articulators and shares exercises & tongue twisters like: We are He's & She's, Whether the Weather be Cold, A Skunk Sat on a Stump and One Black Bug.

TKTS #16 - Diction Warm Ups - (4:25)

Use these warm-ups to work your articulators: Beady, Beady, Beady Eyes, Super-Duper Double Gum, Oh What Geek Am I and Johnny Has a Head Like a Ping Pong Ball.

TKTS #17 - Articulate Vowel Sounds - (3:34)

Echo-sing I Like to Eat Apricots and Oatmeal to practice the 5 singing vowels and the countries they represent: AHtmalia, EHtmailia, EEtmealia, OHtmolia & OOtmoolia!

TKTS #18 - Mastering Dipthongs - (3:13)

Illustrate & demonstrate dipthongs with a graphic and songs: AHoo (How Now Brown Cow), EHee (The Rain in Spain), AHee (Like a Child) OHee (A Boy is a Great Joy)

TKTS #19 - Why Boys Can Sing Higher Than Girls - (4:16)

Illustrate how thickening vocal cords affect pitch and use "Ygolohcysp"(reverse psychology!) on boys to sing higher than the girls.

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