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By Kathie Hill(35 Minutes)

Join the annual AmeriKids Convention in progress as delegates Yacky Doodle (Convention Chairman), Miss Dorian (Historian), Pip Squeak (from Rhode Island) and others learn about the faith that made our country great. Hear seldom-heard words from such historical figures as Benjamin Franklin, Robert E. Lee, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, and learn of the early 18th-century AmeriKids’ faith in the Bible, in prayer, in God’s protection and in salvation through Christ.

Downloadable 85-slide PowerPoint© with professional landscape & archival photos; Sing the States, Yacky Doodle & Armed Forces graphics; historical photos, quotes & AmeriKids logo - with page, dialogue &/or music cues from the Choral book. (download a sample below).

1st grade and up with several songs easy enough for preschoolers
Speaking parts:
minimum of 13 with optional adult parts
minimum of 8
convention setting with patriotic decor
street clothes or Amerikids T Shirts with optional character costumes

Our school performed AMERIKIDS and loved it ! Not only was it solid musically, but the songs also provided a wonderful history lesson and CHRISTIAN VALUES as well. There are lots of opportunities to involve speakers/soloists; for me it's so rewarding to see them "grow" into their individual parts as we practice. I would highly recommend AMERIKIDS.
Lowell Brown, St. Mary's Catholic School, Rome, GA

This was great for a summer short musical! Was able to present it after 2 weeks of Summer Musical Camp. Really cute and educational, as well!
Kathleen Norquist, Wheeling, IL

I pull songs from this musical every couple of years. Have used songs from the musical for the San Diego Veterans Day Parade. It's timeless.
Lori Smith, Emmanuel Faith Community, Escondido, CA

Kathie’s Note: I love this musical! It is simple, but impressive – works really well in summer music camps - patriotic, but with humor and spiritual meat - and kids memorize Chronicles 7:14 (“If my people, called by my name will humble themselves and pray…”) plus the names of all 50 states in “Sing the States.”!

Song Titles

  • Assembly Music
  • AmeriKids
  • Sing the States
  • One Seed, One Start
  • Build on the Word
  • Armed Forces Medley
  • Bought with a Price
  • Yacky Doodle
  • Armed Forces Medley
  • In God We Trust
  • 2 Chronicles 7:14
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Accompaniment CD - AmeriKids

Accompaniment CD - AmeriKids

Jewel cased CD with left channel instrumentation and right channel choral vocals (no dialogue or solos). IN STOCK!
Split Track CD
Accompaniment CD - AmeriKids (DIGITAL)

Accompaniment CD - AmeriKids (DIGITAL)

Licensed Digital CD (3x) files of all songs with spilt left channel instrumentation/right channel choral vocals and stereo instrumentation only. (No dialogue or solos.). Additional copies of any portion of the file require additional license/s. Review READ-ME.txt file contained in the zipped download for instructions about BIN/CUE use.
Licensed Digital CD (3x)
Choral Book - AmeriKids (DIGTIAL)

Choral Book - AmeriKids (DIGTIAL)

Downloadable 3x licensed PDF of all songs, script, production notes, piano transcriptions, and chord chart with permission to make 3 copies . Additional copies of any portion of the file require purchase of additional 3x license/s.
Licensed Digital PDF (3x)
Dovetailor Pages - AmeriKids (DIGITAL)

Dovetailor Pages - AmeriKids (DIGITAL)

Downloadable licensed digital PDF containing up to 100 pages of plans for kick-off, enrollment, rehearsals, auditions, plus musical and spiritual activities for every song.
Digital PDF
Listening CD - AmeriKids (DIGITAL) 3x

Listening CD - AmeriKids (DIGITAL) 3x

Download contains both MP3 files and BIN/CUE disk image files of the stereo recording with license to make 3 copies - Additional copies of any portion of the file require purchase of additional 3x license/s.
Licensed Digital (3x)
Live Performance DVD - AmeriKids

Live Performance DVD - AmeriKids

Full performance of musical by a children's choir.
PowerPoint - AmeriKids (DIGITAL)

PowerPoint - AmeriKids (DIGITAL)

Downloadable licensed digital PowerPoint® file containing 85 professional landscape & archival photos, graphics, quotes, emblems & logos with dialogue/music cues from choral book. (see PPT sample on product page)
Digital PowerPoint (ZIP File)
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