Volume 2 (Orange)

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Includes Thanksgiving

A Year's Curriculum in Three Affordable Resources

Vol. 2 presents “The ‘Thank You’ Meal,” "The Friendship Festival” and “The Praise Team!”. Use The “Thank You” Meal for Thanksgiving time or any time you want to emphasize our gratitude to God. Kids learn that every meal is a “Thank You” meal when we share it with family and God. You’ll love the carnival setting for “The Friendship Festival” where kids learn how to be a friend and that Jesus is their best friend. And all your preschoolers will want to join “The Praise Team!” to learn how and why we praise Jesus.

The Teacher’s Book contains 20 "praise'ntation" songs & 12 classroom management songs from the 51 song CD Songs & Chants for Antsy Pants, 20 lesson plans (See Vol. 2 Singing Circle Demo Video), 40 teaching activities, plus production helps & prasie'ntation scripts. Use media links below to learn more.

Our Lil Praisers Choir loved this book! "The Thank You Meal" was a perfect end to our church Thanksgiving meal. Our choir workers loved the easy to use curriculum and creative methods of reinforcing the songs week after week. We use Praisentations exclusively for our Preschool Choir.
Troy Cates — FBC Porter, TX

We did "The Friendship Festival" as a week long music camp for 3 -5's and they had an awesome time. My limit was 20 but we ended up taking 25 with a waiting list for 10 more! This will become an annual event for us! Thank you!
Jane Shutt — Pineville UMC, Pineville, NC

We loved using "The Praise Team" for our preschool spring program! The kids latched onto the songs and enjoyed dressing in their sports attire for the performance. The songs are easy to teach and fun to learn!
Michelle Gibson — Hebron Baptist Church, Dacula, GA

Kathie’s Note: Everyone loves the “Friendship Festival.” You can even perform it or the Praise Team outside. The lesson plans are so easy, even the most inexperienced teacher will have success. My favorite songs are “Together” :”Hey Buddy, Buddy and “Praisin’ Our Amazin’ God.”

Titles Include

The "Thank You" Meal

  • The "Thank You" Meal
  • The Recipe Song
  • Jesus Blessed His Food
  • Carrots and Peas
  • Together
  • I Give Thanks
  • Give Thanks With A Happy Heart

The Friendship Festival

  • The Friendship Festival
  • Friendship Rap
  • I'll Be A Friend Like Jesus
  • The Friendly Beat
  • Hey, Buddy, Buddy!
  • My Best Friend Is You
  • God Made Colors And Shapes

The Praise Team

  • The Praise Team
  • Why Do We Praise The Lord?
  • Hallelujah Means "Praise The Lord"
  • Sing Praise To Him (Psalm 105:2)
  • Praise Him, Praise Him
  • Praisin' Our Amazin' God


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CD - Songs & Chants for Antsy Pants

CD - Songs & Chants for Antsy Pants

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Kid's CD - Preschool Praise'ntations Vol 2 (DIGITAL)

Kid's CD - Preschool Praise'ntations Vol 2 (DIGITAL)

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Teacher's CD Trax - Preschool Praise'ntations Vol 2 (DIGITAL)

Teacher's CD Trax - Preschool Praise'ntations Vol 2 (DIGITAL)

All 20 song in a licensed Digital CD (3x) with split track & stereo instrumental accompaniment (no solos or dialogue) plus transition song demonstrations. Review READ-ME.txt file contained in the zipped download for instructions about BIN/CUE use.
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Teachers Book - Preschool Praise'ntations Vol 2

Teachers Book - Preschool Praise'ntations Vol 2

Digital download of 232 page book in PDF format with 20 songs & piano transcriptions, scripts for 1 Thanksgiving & 2 non-seasonal programs, “praisen’tation” instructions, plus 20 lesson plans with reproducible flash cards, worksheets & small group activities with permission to make 3 copies. Additional copies require purchase of additional...
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